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The Best Dual Lounger Hot Tubs

Our Favorite Hot Tubs With Two Lounge Seats

A hot tub can provide countless benefits both physically and mentally. After a long, hard day a hot tub can help to ease your mind as well as your body with warm water and soothing massage jets. Add in a lounge seat and you have a recipe for complete relaxation. We are going to share some of our favorite dual lounger hot tubs and what makes them so great.

amore bay

Dimension One

Dimension One has worked for the past 30 years to design the ultimate relaxing experience when it comes to hot tubs. They are most known for their D1 Smart Tub app, Dynamic Massage Sequencer and the Flex Therapy Pillow. These features combined with a dual lounger tub is a guarantee for relaxation.

The 'Amore Bay' model is sure to put you in a romantic mood with it's elegant curved design. This model has two lounge style seats as well as open bench seating to fit seven people in total. This hot tub is equipped with 60 jets and has targeted leg jets in each of the lounge seats.

The ‘Diplomat’ is a part of Dimension One’s ‘Reflections’ Collection. It has five seats in total with two of these seats being loungers. The lounge seats are two lengths which is perfect for people of different heights. There are 45 jets in total throughout this model. With each seat’s jet pattern varying.

Catania Everest Spas

Everest Spas

The ‘Catania’ model by Everest spas is a five person hot tub featuring two lounge seats. The lounges are the same length and depth, but have variations in their jet patterns to provide different massage experiences. There are 38 jets in total and two jet pumps which means there is no compromise on power when it comes to this hot tub. 

The ‘Victoria’ is quite similar to the Catania, but slightly larger with seating for six. There are more jets in this model with 51 in total. As with most Everest spas, this model also includes two jet pumps to ensure sufficient water pressure through the jets. This is a great hot tub option for many families.

All in all, dual lounger hot tubs are a great option for many families. They provide variation is massages and can be accommodating for people of different heights. For these reasons, and many more, dual lounger hot tubs can be a great investment for both you and your family!

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