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Best Hot Tubs for Rental Properties

If you or someone you know has a few different vacation rentals on the market and is looking for a way to really boost your bookings, a hot tub may be the way to go. One of the biggest factors for vacation property owners is the overall return on investment. This can sometimes be difficult in different settings. Although that may be true, providing guests with the popular amenity of a hot tub may change your booking status altogether.

Picture this: you're planning a ski trip with beautiful mountain views. You sign onto your favorite third-party booking site and click on some filters that basically consist of mountain views and a hot tub. The search results dwindle quite quickly because although your mountain area property does have exceedingly beautiful views, it's missing that vital amenity—the hot tub.

Never be missed or blocked out by those third-party booking sites again. Stock your Airbnb home with a hot tub investment or, better yet, a swim spa hot tub combo. Don't worry about the price quite yet. There are plenty of hot tubs that come with an affordable price tag! On the other hand, others might benefit from the nature of renters and have a bit higher price tag.

Either way, you literally can't go wrong. So sit back and continue reading for everything you need to know about the best hot tub for a rental property of any kind!

Vacation Rentals and Hot Tubs: Beneficial or Not?

Alright, so now we're here. It's pretty evident that you own a vacation rental and are looking into a variety of hot tub companies. But why exactly? At this point in your search, you've probably come up with a few different reasons why integrating a hot tub into your rental property is a good idea. The experts at Custom Backyard Spaces have also come up with a couple. Two main points to be exact: increasing rental rates and bringing more guests in.

Both of these points are undeniable when it comes to rental owners. To be honest, both a ski vacation and a beach vacation will benefit from having a hot tub. A cool night on a holiday vacation will end in the hot tub and renters will be exceedingly excited!

How Will a Hot Tub Help to Bring in More Money?

Well, this is quite an interesting aspect. With the amount of money spent on this product, the return on investment will essentially be much higher. Although the initial investment might be quite the chunk of change, renters will be able to increase the rental rates on their property.

Our experts and the experts of Airbnb have discovered that a hot tub can on average increase your listing price by somewhere between $35-$45 more per night. That's a lot more than not having one at all! If you're in a place that often completely books out, adding a little hot water to the holiday parties will not be a letdown.

How Will a Hot Tub Bring in More Guests?

Incorporating this popular amenity into your rental property is definitely bound to bring in more guests. Having a hot tub on the rental premise is great for anyone who uses filters when searching for a home. It's also great for someone looking to relax on their vacation. A hot tub will entice users to spend the extra rental costs specifically for the hot tub.

Do the Costs Outweigh the Benefits?

When debating whether or not a hot tub is worth it for the rental property, you need to sit down and look through a few different business aspects. The first and foremost, of course, is surprisingly not the hot tub prices themselves, but the energy prices. Hot tubs need to basically be running at all times, whether or not someone is staying in the room. Therefore, the energy prices can quickly hike up. Along with that, you'll need to look into the maintenance costs and make sure that the overall rental price will outweigh and leave you some extra spending money.

Not sure if a hot tub is worth it for the long run? Don't fret, we've researched that for you! Check out this article, How Long Does a Hot Tub Last, for the most up-to-date info.

Know the Costs in Depth

Don't worry, we would never just leave you hanging like on that last paragraph. We just were really under the impression that hot tub costs needed a section of its own. Understanding hot tub costs is definitely not easy. It can be quite difficult to crunch all of the numbers and get an accurate reading on how much you'll be spending. Here is a breakdown of the different costs to look into:

Initial Price

The initial price of a hot tub can vary depending on various factors. It's important to remember that when purchasing a hot tub, you'll also have to incorporate the installation fees into your budget plan. If you're not super sure what those will be or where to find them, we have a descriptive article focusing on exactly what to look for when first purchasing your new hot tub. Check it out here!

Energy Usage

It's important to note that we do live in a time where most companies and manufacturers have quite the handle on electricity and how it works. Thankfully, for hot tub lovers, this means that your overall electricity costs are much less than they've been in the past. There are hot tubs that are efficient, that are energy-saving, and much more! So if your main concern is electricity, check out this article.

Cleaning, Maintenance, and Repairs

When it comes down to the most expensive parts of owning a hot tub, it's extremely important to have a comprehensive understanding and budget planned out. In many cases, as with most other aspects of life, things tend to go wrong. When they do, it's important to have a plan in place and a person to call. This article gives a thorough breakdown of those exact plans and people!

Hot Tub at a Rental Property
Hot Tub at a Rental Property

6 Important Hot Tub Rules for Rental Property Owners

Contract it Separately

Anyone involved in rental properties knows that there are some serious liabilities that tag along. A hot tub is not different. It's important to have a separate agreement that not only protects your investment but also helps reinforce different safety regulations that come along with hot bodies of water.

Don't Forget the House Rules

Give your renters a list of house rules! This can be posted outside next to the hot tub, inside somewhere, or just sent directly to the renters. It's important to have them. In most cases, a rental property probably already has some house rules in place. When incorporating a hot tub into the stay, it might be extremely beneficial to either rewrite or add to those house rules.

Extra, Extra, Bring in the Towels

When providing a hot tub, it's important to also provide extra towels for your guests! Bathroom towels don't really capture the same luxury as a towel used specifically for the hot tub. No one wants to use their chlorine-covered towel in order to dry off after a nice clean shower. Provide enough towels outside for all guests and then some!

Hot Tub Help Is Only a Call Away

If you're someone who doesn't actually live near their rental property, then having someone to come and check on your hot tub weekly is something you should really consider. There's nothing worse than a bad review about a dirty hot tub.

Changing the Water

Changing the water depends on a few different factors. It's not actually necessary to drain the water after each guest, thank goodness! That would be a bit extensive, but it is necessary to check the balance and chemical levels before the next guest's check-in. Therefore, having someone standby to do that for you might be a great plan.

Problems with Water

There's no doubt that at some point, water problems will most likely arise. In this case, it's important to look into a variety of different options to figure out how to keep the water from developing these problems. It's important to look into different aspects like changing the filter, shocking the water, keeping up with chlorine balances, and simplest of all, adding a water purifier. In most cases, this can vamp up the hot tub's life span and overall look.

Wrap Up

At this point, you're probably ready to start looking into some hot tubs. Maybe you're still asking Are Hot Tubs Worth It? Now that you have a pretty detailed overview of exactly what should be considered and put into place, you may even be ready to make that decision on your own. Check out these Best Hot Tub Brands for the low down on exactly which hot tub is the best choice for you!

Hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes and can have a huge benefit on your rental property. Don't fall behind or lose any money due to the fact of not wanting or knowing enough information about having a hot tub on your rental property. Continue reading and learning about the different hot tubs on the market. Find a reputable manufacturer and ready yourself for the best investment on your property!

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