How to Clean, Maintain, and Protect Your Hot Tub Cover

You love getting in the hot tub to relax and be rejuvenated. However, spas are only enjoyed fully when they are kept in proper working order. An important component that shouldn’t be overlooked is the hot tub cover because it protects the tub and, therefore, is essential to the longevity of your spa. 

The cover to your hot tub is exposed to the elements all year, which means it is vulnerable to the sun, hot temperatures in the summer, and freezing temperatures in the winter. All of this, as well as dirt and debris, can wreak havoc on the condition of your vinyl hot tub cover. In this article, we provide basics for cleaning, maintaining, and protecting your cover so it is effective and looks great no matter how many seasons you’ve had it!

Custom Backyard Spaces | How to Clean, Maintain, and Protect Your Hot Tub Cover

Cleaning Your Hot Tub Cover

Cleaning your hot tub cover regularly both preserves and protects your hot tub. Keeping the cover clean safeguards it from the effects of weather, prevents chemical damage, and mold growth. Cleaning also keeps it conditioned so you won’t eventually have a dry, brittle cover that cracks and deteriorates. 

Use a Gentle Cleanser

To prevent wear on the hot tub cover and an unsightly appearance, you need to use a gentle cleanser. A mixture of mild vinegar and water is also an effective cleaner. You can even use warm water with no cleanser (combined with some elbow grease). A leather cleaner will prolong the life of your hot tub cover by conditioning it and blocking the sun’s UV rays each time you clean. 

Cleaning Solutions to Avoid

Harsh detergents actually lead to the cover becoming dry, so you want to steer away from cleaning products that contain detergents, alcohol, and bleach. Avoid any vinyl protectants that contain petroleum distillates and are flammable. They may look good on the cover when first applied, but will accelerate deterioration and offer no UV protection.

Even dishwashing soaps are a no-no for cleaning the cover. Certainly do not use products that are abrasive because they strip the clear top coating off the vinyl. And, though you may think that oil-based products would be helpful, they are extremely damaging. Oil amplifies the sun’s rays, which actually intensifies the heat on the cover.

Clean Regularly

It is a best practice to clean your hot tub cover every 1 to 3 months. Of course, if your cover is subjected to tree sap or other constant drippings and dirt, you will want to clean it more often. If the hot tub is in shade, you may also be vulnerable to mold so you’ll want to clean more frequently. 

Steps for Cleaning and Protecting

Here are five easy steps to keep your hot tub cover in its best condition:

Step 1. Remove the cover from the tub and lay it on a flat, smooth surface. If possible, place it near a water hose.

Step 2. Use a gentle spray on the underside to rinse off any chemicals that have splashed on the surface. Then, after it is dry, turn the cover over and use the water hose to wash off leaves, grass, and other debris. Remember to use a gentle spray so as to avoid damaging the cover.

Step 3. Use a vinyl cleaner that has been recommended by the manufacturer or a gentle cleanser like vinegar and water. 

Step 4. Rinse the top to remove all of the cleanser. Then, wipe it down with a soft, absorbent rag, microfiber cloth or towel. Leave it to air dry.

Step 5. Once the top is dry, if you haven’t used a leather cleaner that has UV protection, apply a quality UV vinyl protectant spray. Once everything has dried, reattach the cover.

Maintaining Your Hot Tub Cover

Along with cleaning, regularly check the hot tub cover for small rips and cracks. When you discover tears, repair them immediately using a flexible, airtight patch that creates a strong bond to the vinyl. Even a tiny tear can expose the cover’s inner foam and cause it to soak in moisture from rain, leaving it vulnerable to becoming waterlogged. A waterlogged cover grows mold and bacteria and is no longer energy efficient. 

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