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Our Best and Most Luxurious Hot Tubs in North Carolina

While hot tubs are considered to be fun, they are first and foremost a relaxing and luxurious experience. A high-end, premium-quality hot tub has the potential to transform your backyard into an all-year-round vacation spot.

But what makes a hot tub luxurious? Hot tubs come with plenty of features that add to their extravagant and rejuvenating experience. Whether it's LED lighting, massage jets, or aromatherapy, a hot tub can certainly improve the quality of your life.

With such a vast range of options in the market, from low quality to high end, it can be difficult to identify which one will provide a luxurious experience. This task can often be daunting.

At Custom Backyard Spaces we're committed to making the hot tub buying process as easy for you as possible. We're sharing our favorite luxury hot tubs and what factors to consider when shopping for one!

Factors To Consider When Shopping For a Luxury Hot Tub


In order to create a luxurious and relaxing environment, you need to have plenty of space. If you feel cramped sitting in your hot tub, it won't be the most relaxing experience for you.

While shopping for a high-end hot tub, carefully consider it's seating capacity. A 5-9 person hot tub can provide a vastly different experience than 2-3 person one.


In order to provide a luxurious experience, a hot tub has to look the part too! A high end luxury hot tub will not only have excellent quality, but a cutting edge design that helps it stand out.

Whether it's the color of the cabinet shell or a curved exterior, choose a premium design that embodies luxury.

Jet Technology

While entry level hot tubs have massaging jets, luxury hot tubs are equipped with extensive and upgraded jet technology.

Luxury hot tubs are more than just an elegant place to enjoy the view. They offer you full massage systems built into every seat, which give off expertly coordinated jets. These range from foot-jets shooting steady stream of air up your leg or back ticklers stimulating skin with smooth vibrations while simultaneously providing relief for aches all over. Luxurious spas also have advanced feature like motorized neck nozzles helping release tension in shoulders by moving smoothly along their length.

Many of these hot tubs have a control panel to automize and customize these massaging jets for your own convenience.

Underwater Lighting

When relaxing in a luxurious hot tub you also want to create a lavish and stimulating atmosphere. Many luxury and premium hot tubs come with LED and underwater lighting. These quality features are great whether you want to host a party or just enjoy a night out with your significant other.

Customized Features

The best luxury hot tub will be one that comes with a number of additional and customizable features to add to the ambience. These can include:

  • An entertainment system or speakers to liven up the environment
  • Steps to make getting into the hot tub easier
  • Waterfall to add the ambience
  • Ice and bucket tray

Our Best and Luxurious Hot Tubs


Our Most Luxurious Hut Tubs #1

Amore Bay Hot Tub

The Dimension One name is pretty much synonymous with luxury when it comes to hot tubs. When you’re looking for a place to escape and be pampered, look no further than the Amore Bay®. This hot tub’s soft curves create an unmatched experience with seven luxurious seats including “his” and “hers.” It also has two patented Flex Therapy Pillows that will have your partner feeling like they are floating on cloud nine while soothing lights fountains provide ambiance all night long! 

The Amore Bay has a seating capacity for 7 people so it’s spacious as well as luxurious. You can choose from five cabinet colors including Desert Stone, Moon stone, Smoked marble, Ultralife gray, and ultralife white. 



Our Most Luxurious Hut Tubs #2

Executive Hot Tub

The top-of-the-line Executive hot tub showcases the most seating options D1® has ever offered, making it the largest and deepest spa in the industry.

This model comfortably seats nine people with a combination of three lounge-style seats and open bench seating. There are 60 jets in total to create an amazing massage experience for you and your guests. 


Our Most Luxurious Hut Tubs #3

Chairman Hot Tub

Chairman is another great option when you are looking for a high end hot tub with a lot of luxurious features.

If you’re looking for the perfect hot tub to sit back in and relax, look no further! It has an astounding 50 premium hydrotherapy jets and a lounger, promising an amazing hydrotherapy experience. The properly adjusted stainless steel jets ensure that the user gets to enjoy comforting and healing properties that target problem areas. A gorgeous LED light waterfall and underwater light provide the perfect ambiance for a luxurious and relaxing evening in your hot tub.

Our Most Luxurious Hut Tubs #4

Baikal Luxury Hot Tub

When it comes to luxury, Everest Spas is not behind any other brand. With a capacity for 7 people, the Baikal hot tub is one of our largest and most spacious options.

This hot tub has a an astounding number of 69 jets. This means that when you enter it, you’re promised a therapeutic and soothing time right from the luxury of your backyard!


Our Most Luxurious Hut Tubs #4

Superior Hot Tub

This top of the line Everest hot tub seats five people comfortably. Enjoy the ultimate spa experience in the Superior hot tub.

Relieve tension, increase circulation and promote relaxation in minutes by using hydrotherapy on your body or feet! You’ll be able to take advantage of 64 jets that provide soothing water flow as well 2 powerful jet pumps which ensures optimal performance at all times.

Get Your Own Luxury Hot Tub Today!

Hot tubs can provide the ultimate relaxing and luxurious experience if picked right. The team at Custom Backyard Spaces can work with you to choose the perfect luxury hot tub for your family. Call us today to get started!