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The Best Party Hot Tubs

hot tub party

Hot tubs and swim spas can be a great place to relax and destress from your day, but they also make a great place to host a party with friends.

When hosting a hot tub party you want to make sure your guests are entertained and as comfortable as possible.

Size is important when it comes to throwing a hot tub party. Family and friends will appreciate having enough space to spread out and socialize. The ideal spa for your hot tub party will include adequate seating for all of your guests, plenty of jets so that everyone can relax, and an efficient design.

We are sharing some of our favorite party-focused tubs and what makes them so great. So, if you’re thinking about getting a hot tub or swim spa and love to host, read on for some party tub inspiration!

What To Look For in a Party Hot Tub

When choosing a hot tub for your backyard, it is important to consider what you're going to be using it for. Is it mainly going to be for relaxing? Or do you plan to host a party and invite friends and family over? If the latter is your choice there are some important considerations to make when shopping for a hot tub. Let's take a look at what to look for in a party hot tub:


When hosting friends and family for a hot tub party, you want to ensure they are as comfortable as possible. No one has fun in a cramped space with barely any room to move.

If you intend to host hot tub parties, stray away from any 2-3 people hot tub options. Make sure you are browsing hot tubs that have a seating capacity of 5-9 people.

Hydrotherapy Jets

A hot tub with many massage jets is a great option for a party. Choose a hot tub with seats that have a different configuration of jets, providing a personalized massage for each guest's back, shoulders, arms, and legs.

This way your guests won't just be having fun but will also be relaxed.


The seating for a party hot tub is essential. You want to make sure that the hot tub seats or loungers are angled for easy conversation. Bench seating is also convenient for hosting a large group of people.


When planning a party, you want to have the right ambiance. A well-lit hot tub will not only ensure visibility and safety for the guests but also create a vibrant and upbeat atmosphere.

Choose a hot tub that has LED or underwater lighting to set the mood for a hot tub party.

Sound System

No party is complete without music! A hot tub with a Bluetooth or sound system can provide you with music to keep the party going. Choose a hot tub with an additional sound system or consider installing this feature later.

Additional Features

No amount of features is too much for a hot tub party. Whether it's a water fountain or colorful lights, different features can keep a party upbeat and entertaining.

Many hot tubs come with a built-in ice tray to keep your drinks close and cool and your guests happy and satisfied.

The Best Party Hot Tubs

Take a look at our picks for the best party hot tubs:


Our Best Party Hot Tub #1

Amore Bay Hot Tub

The best party hot tub is going to be one with plenty of room for everybody. With a seating capacity of 7 people, the Amore Bay is the perfect place for a party. 

With 60 jets and 2 loungers, your guests are always promised a good time. Soothing lights and fountains also add to the perfect party atmosphere. 


Our Best Party Hot Tub #2

Executive Hot Tub

Dimension One’s Executive hot tub is great for large friend groups. This model comfortably seats nine people with a combination of three lounge-style seats and open bench seating.

There are 60 jets in total to create an amazing massage experience for you and your guests. The Executive is Dimension One’s largest and deepest hot tub to date, and it is a great option for people looking to host hot tub parties.

Our Best Party Hot Tub #3

Baikal Hot Tub

The Baikal hot tub also seats 7 people and is a spacious and comfortable option. When hosting a party, you want your guests to be as relaxed as possible. This hot tub has an astounding number of 69 jets, promising an amazing hydrotherapy experience.

Underwater lights and fountains will make sure you can create a party ambiance no matter what time of the day! 

Our Best Party Swim Spa #1

Como 45 Swim Spa

Swim Spas are a great choice for hosting backyard parties. Their larger size gives everyone room to spread out, but still keeps everyone close enough to keep the conversation flowing. Everest Spas’ Como 45 is a great, budget-friendly swim spa option.

With seating for 6 people in total, it is a good option for people looking to host parties. The swim area is large enough to accommodate 2 people, but it is important to note that the swim area and seating area are shared. This means that if you are hosting a party, the swim features won’t be very accessible without getting in the way of your guests. To add to the party ambiance, the Como 45 also features two underwater lights.


Our Best Party Swim Spa #2

Sorrento 58 Swim Spa

The Sorrento 58 by Everest Spas is the ultimate party swim spa. It has seating for 5 people, with one of those seats being a lounger seat and a swim area for two. The best part is that this model is a dual zone swim spa which means that the swim area and lounge area are separate and can be used simultaneously.

This swim spa also has a series of lights and fountains to add to the party atmosphere. This model truly allows for a great party with friends and family. 

Get Ready to Party

No matter which tub you choose, hot tubs and swim spas are a great place to party with friends and family. If you are in the market for a new hot tub or swim spa, the team at Custom Backyard Spaces is here to help. Call  919-444-8500 or fill out the form below to get started!

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