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Salt Water vs Chlorine Hot Tubs: Which One Is Better for Your Family?

The hot tub is the epitome of relaxation for a number of families. Hot tubs can offer true rejuvenation at home after a long day and allow for home spa days. Deciding to get a hot tub can be an exciting time but it begs so many questions. Is Salt Water or Chlorine a better hot tub to get for your family? The differences are vast when they are considered as maintenance can be completely different. Making an educated purchase is not something that you are going to regret. Asking the right questions can even lead to a little bit of room to haggle. The following are the differences between saltwater and chlorine hot tubs. 

Custom Backyard Spaces | Salt Water vs Chlorine Hot Tubs: Which One Is Better for Your Family?

Salt Water Hot Tubs

Salt water hot tubs have become all of the rage in the last 15 years for the following reasons:

  • The lack of chemicals offers a gentler experience on the skin when compared to chlorine. You want to feel refreshed after getting out of a tub instead of having dry skin you immediately have to moisturize. Smelling like chlorine all day is not an issue with this type of hot tub.
  • Water conservation is a big deal to consumers as it can help them save money. Reducing the amount of waste is important to eco-friendly individuals. Salt water hot tubs refill far less than their chlorine counterparts which require more water. 
  • Less maintenance and having to check chemicals frequently. Making a mistake with chlorine can lead to irritated skin. 
  • Easy to clean as debris floats to the top of the pool. With this being said, you should cover your hot tub when it is not in use. 
  • There are no tools required as some of these hot tubs just need a cartridge to be replaced regularly. 
  • One drawback could be that your pool guy won’t be able to help you. With chlorine spas, these maintenance professionals can regulate chemicals easily in a chlorine hot tub. Another drawback is that the hot tub has to stay at a relatively high temperature even in winter months as the system doesn’t work as well in the cold. Most of the time, these tubs need to be kept at 65 degrees or higher. 

Chlorine Hot Tubs

Chlorine hot tubs are something that a majority of people have been in at one point or another. Chlorine is well-known for killing bacteria and has been trusted around the world to so do. The benefits of having a chlorine hot tub and some drawbacks are as follows:

  • Bacteria is eliminated at high levels although people with infections should stay clear of the hot tub. A poorly maintained hot tub of any kind can be a risk for people entering it.
  • A pool maintenance professional should be able to help you especially if they come for weekly maintenance. 
  • The water used is more than that of a salt water hot tub which could increase your water bill.
  • Testing chlorine levels is not for everyone as they might find it difficult. Chlorine can also be expensive if it is not purchased in bulk. 

Benefits Of Both Types

A hot tub is the ultimate way to relax as it can be like sitting in a warm bath while being massaged. The jets in a hot tub are important especially if you are trying to use it for therapeutic reasons. Being able to hit the hot tub after a long day of sitting at a desk can provide relief to your back and neck.

Entertaining is another great aspect of owning a hot tub. People love to soak in the hot tub especially at night. You might have family visiting that love the hot tub so much they do not want to leave. 

The true benefit is that it gives you something to do that is relaxing or entertaining for a minimal cost per month. Hot tubs continue to become more efficient and easy to use. Technology like heating the tub from your phone also exists if you are a tech-savvy homeowner.

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