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The Best Outdoor Hot Tubs

Summer is just around the corner. That means you and your family will be spending lots of quality time outdoors. Adding a hot tub to your outdoor space can transform it into your very own recreational oasis! No more going to public pools. With an outdoor hot tub, you can relax and enjoy right from the comfort of your backyard! When it comes to outdoor hot tubs, there are several options in the market. We're sharing the best outdoor hot tubs you can find and what features make them special!

Durasport G2B Diamond Plus 36

Strong Spas Dealer Raleigh NC
Strong Spas Durasport G2B Diamond Plus 36

This Strong Spas model is one of the most popular hot tubs to entertain family and friends. The Durasport G2B Diamond Plus 36 has a 7 person capacity and an optional hard cover upgrade. If you have a larger family, this outdoor hot tub is for you! With 36 massage jets and 8 underwater lights, it provides the perfect hydrotherapy experience. A lighted ice bucket and tray add to the ambience.

What makes this model one of the best outdoor hot tubs is undeniably its hard cover. While placing a hot tub outdoors is certainly enjoyable, you risk damaging it with debris, leaves, harsh weather conditions, or simple wear and tear. A hard cover will ensure your hot tub is protected at all times.

This Strong Spas model also comes with an attached cover lifter. A hot tub cover lifter aids you in quickly removing and replacing a hot tub cover. The cover lifter is usually attached to the side of your hot tub and connected to the cover. In order to use the lifter, all you have to do is fold the cover so it fits back on top of the lifter bar. This makes the process of removing the cover and using the hot tub very easy and removes the hassle of lifting a heavy cover.

Summit DE-SL 50

Strong Spas DE S 50 Hot Tub for Sale
Strong Spas DE-SL 50

Another hot tub from Strong Spas, the Summit DE-SL 50 is sure to transform your backyard into your very own vacation spot. This hot tub has a seating capacity of five people. It has an astounding 50 premium hydrotherapy jets and a lounger.

The Summit DE-SL 50 also comes with a DuraShield hardcover. This exceptional hardcover will no doubt protect your hot tub from any unnecessary wear and tear and ensure its interior finishing is not damaged. An attached cover lifter makes the process of of removing and covering the hot tub extremely simple and easy. No need to strain your back while getting into your outdoor hot tub with model.

The best part? The DuraShield cover comes with a lifetime warranty!

Caspian Sea Hot Tub for 6 People
Everest Spas Caspian Sea

Caspian Sea

The Caspian Sea model belongs to the Everest Spas family. A
6 person hot tub, the Caspian Sea is a large and luxurious tub.

It also has 1 lounge seat and 3 headrest pillows. It comes with an astounding 50 jets ensuring a relaxing massage experience. This model also has LED lights to create the perfect outdoor atmosphere. If you're looking for a relaxing hot tub from which you can enjoy your backyard view, this is your pick!


Dimension One Breeze

This Dimension One model offers comfortable seating for up to 7 people. With tactile therapy in the footwell and a six-inch adjustable waterfall, the Breeze hot tub delivers soothing relief from your neck to your feet. This hot tub has 35 jets and 2 powerful jet pumps.

If you have a big family and want space for everyone in your outdoor hot tub, this is the one for you! You can also choose to upgrade to our Covana Automated Spa Cover. With this spa cover, lifting your cover and closing it becomes as easy as pushing a button! Due to its superior insulation fabric, it reduces the heating costs and prevents outside agents such as dust or leaves. This makes it even more convenient to place outside!

Prepping Your Outdoor Space For Your Hot Tub

You've chosen your outdoor hot tub. Now comes the exciting part - prepping your outdoor space for delivery! With proper planning ahead of time, the installation should be quick and easy. At Custom Backyard Spaces, we help our customers think of everything so the preparation is complete and your delivery goes like clockwork.

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