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The Best Hot Tubs in Durham

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Tirol Hot Tub for 6 People
Superior Hot Tub for 5 People
Caspian Sea Hot Tub for 6 People
Catania Hot Tub for 5 People

Buy a Popular Everest Hot Tub

Custom Backyard Spaces is Durham’s top Everest Spas dealer. Our hot tubs provide a powerful massage and an ergonomic design to provide the best massage experience possible.

With reliable components, versatile massage jets that target specific massage points, innovative water purification systems, and the latest electronic control systems, your Everest Spa will deliver a memorable and restorative experience every time.

The Most Popular Hot Tubs in Durham

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Hot Tubs in Durham Are...

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Custom Backyard Spaces | How to Winterize a Hot Tub

Your Way to Stay Warm this Winter

Custom Backyard Spaces | Salt Water vs Chlorine Hot Tubs: Which One Is Better for Your Family?

Your Fun

Your Staycation

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Turn your home into the ultimate spa with your own outdoor sauna. With customizable options, you can build a sauna with the amenities that fit your needs.

BBQ Stations

There is no better way to end the day then enjoying your favorite foods cooked on your new BBQ Station! Our BBQ Stations come with a wide variety of options to fit your every need.

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