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0% APR Financing Options

*These rates apply to Hot Tub, Automated Cover Lifter, and Sauna purchases less than $15,000*

1 Year 0% APR Financing

Enjoy 1 Year With No Interest Financing With a Deposit of $1,000 on Your Hot Tub Purchase Upon Credit Approval

2 Year 0% APR Financing

Enjoy 2 Years With No Interest Financing With a Deposit of $2,000 on Your Hot Tub Purchase Upon Credit Approval

3 Year 0% APR Financing

Enjoy 3 Years With No Interest Financing With a Deposit of $3,000 on Your Hot Tub Purchase Upon Credit Approval

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends. “Plug and Play” hot tubs run on 110V and can simply be plugged into a household outlet. However, 220V tubs require an electrician for installation.

The size of the filter impacts how often you should change your filters. Smaller filters may need to be replaced every 3-4 months, whereas larger filters could last more than a year.

Using a hot tub can provide many physical benefits such as relieving muscle and joint pain. It can also improve your mental wellbeing by giving you time to destress.

While this answer can vary depending on weather, location, size of tub and chemical regimen, most experts say you can expect to spend on average $1 per day on your hot tub.

Yes, we can install various add-ons to your hot tub! Speak with your hot tub consultant to learn more about what we offer.

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Have a Fun Summer in Style with a Complete Package

Our super friendly team can show you around the store, answer any questions you have, and help you put together the right package for your home and family. We’ll help you choose the right hot tub, cover, accessories, and installation to suit your dreams and budget.

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Our family loves our hot tub. We use it every weekend.
Mike Johnson
Raleigh, NC
They placed my hot tub on my patio just the way I wanted.
Derrick McKnight
Cary, NC
We got our spa in two weeks. We are so happy that we didn’t have to wait several months to start using it.
Linda Crews
Wake Forest, NC
We reached out to Custom Backyard Spaces Hot Tub and immediately received a response! Richard and his team are very professional and took the time to answer all of our questions. We are super excited about our purchase and appreciate the great customer service Richard provided. Thank you!!
Grayson F.
Raleigh, NC
Custom Backyard Spaces is a great company to deal with. The customer service is the simply the best! On my hot tub purchase, they went above and beyond. They are a local, Raleigh-based business that is wonderful to deal with and much better than their competitors. Stop shopping now and purchase your hot tub from these guys.
Leslie V.
Raleigh, NC
My family and I are planning to move into a new home next year so I spoke with Custom Backyard Spaces a few weeks ago about their hot tub installation process. They were very informative, professional, and helpful!
Acadia Rose
Cary, NC
It was a pleasure working with the team at Custom Backyard Spaces. Richard was extremely patient and walked us through everything we'd need to know about getting a hot tub installed. Highly recommended!
Greg B.
Chapel Hill, NC

Benefits of Soaking in Our Hot Tubs

Improved Sleep

Recent studies show that relaxing in a hot tub can actually help with insomnia and aid in more peacful sleep.

Pain Relief

The warmth of the water and jet massage help ease back pain, arthritis, and keeps pressure off of the joints.

Stress relief

Soaking in a hot tub can bring about a release of tension that helps ease stress and bring about stress relief.

Muscle Relaxation

The higher temperatures can help with sore muscles from daily activities or exercise.


Hot Tubs for the Whole Family to Enjoy!

A hot tub your whole family can enjoy! Let your family hop in and enjoy the warmth. Spend time together and when the kids are asleep enjoy your relaxing Raleigh hot tub by yourself or with a significant other any time of day or night!


Enjoy Beautiful and Rejuvinating Massage Jets!

All of our spas and hot tubs come with state of the art jet technology that lets you easily adjust your jet speed and intensity. Easily keep your settings lower for a relaxing wave or turn up your jets for a deeper massage or anywhere in the middle for your preferred setting.

We have a range of jets such as our therapy jets, pulse jets, and pillow jets for a wider variation of massage styles and massage locations. Rejuvenate your sore legs after a long day by using out trusty lower jets on your legs or help ease back pain with our back jets located up and down the back of each of our spa and hot tub seats!

clayton hot tubs for back pain relief

Relieve Your Back Pain

With office jobs and work from home jobs on the rise, we’re not moving as much. Sitting in chairs for long periods of time can cause harsh back pains that just won’t go away! Soaking in one of our beautiful hot tubs can help! Your back will feel bran new after having a good soak with our quality massage jets!

Why Choose Custom Backyard Spaces?

Come on down to our Raleigh showroom to experience the Custom Backyard Spaces difference!

Knowledgeable staff who aren’t pushy

Our friendly team will help you begin to relax even before your swim spa arrives. We’ll answer your questions, show you the possibilities, and never push you to buy something just so we can make a quick sale.

The lowest prices on swim spas in Raleigh, NC

Our prices are super competitive. We even think we’ll give you the best deal on a swim spa you’ll ever find. Are we the cheapest? Not always. But you don’t really want cheap, do you? You want luxury, value, and comfort. Our swim spas are the best value for your money.

Our showroom is ready for your visit

Best of all, you can take a tour of our showroom. Look at the different brands, measure the one you like to make sure it will fit, and take your time so you make the best choice for your space and family. Since we’re based in Raleigh, NC, you can call us on the phone or just come by the store.

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