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Am-Finn since 1962

Outdoor Barrel Saunas

Our barrel outdoor saunas have become extremely popular due to their convenience, style, and affordability.

Invigorate your health and your outdoor space with our unique looking, modern Am-Finn saunas.

Options include:

  • Electric or gas heaters with WiFi control
  • Clear or tinted glass doors
  • With or without windows
  • Classic and canopy style
  • 2-8 people options
  • Sizes: 72”-84” W 47”-96” D 77” H
  • 220 Volt
Outdoor Trend Sauna
Top Rated Outdoor Trend Sauna
Outdoor Trend Sauna Panoramic Glass Door
Outdoor Trend Sauna Portable Bench
Outdoor Trend Sauna Heater Guard Rail
Outdoor Trend Sauna Cedar Wood Bench
Outdoor Trend Sauna Door
Outdoor Trend Sauna LED Lights
Outdoor Trend Sauna Modular Layout

Am-Finn since 1962

Outdoor Trend Saunas

Our outdoor Trend saunas are not just the perfect compliment to your backyard but also the most advanced modular sauna on the market.

It has a modern but contemporary look that fits in to most patio environment.

Options include:

  • Electric or gas heater with WiFi control
  • LED lights
  • Full glass door
  • 2-8 people options
  • Sizes: 5’ W 4’-7’ D 7’ H
  • 220 Volt

Sauna Accessories

Discover some of our sauna accessories below

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