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Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner
for Hot Tubs

A powerful cleaning solution for your spa filter maintenance

Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner – 226g



Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner is an economical, non-acid, and bleach-free product providing optimal care for your hot tub filters.

Advantages of Marvel Filter Cleaner:

  • Removes all particles and oils from filters
  • 1 single bottle lasts for 8 filter cleanings
  • Most economical filter cleaning agent available

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Product Description

How to use:
  1. Remover filter from the hot tub and rinse or spray with water
  2. Mix and dissolve 2 capfuls of Marvel Filter Cleaner in 5 gallons of water
  3. Soak the filter for around 8-10 hours in the solution
  4. After this process, it is strictly important that the debris is thoroughly removed from the pleats of the filters. You can gently use a pressure washer to remove

Product Specifications

Category Hot Tub Chemicals, Swim Spa Chemicals