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Spa Marvel Water Treatment and Conditioner for Hot Tubs

The best option for water treatment, the environment, and your body

Spa Marvel Water Treatment and Conditioner – 473ml



Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner: an enzyme-based and environmentally-friendly product created to minimize or replace the use of other chemicals commonly used for water treatment in hot tubs.

Advantages of using Spa Marvel:

  • Eliminates scum lines
  • Reduce the use of other chemicals
  • Protects your skin from itching and rashes
  • Keeps the water PH stable
  • No need of defoaming agents
  • Odourless water
  • 1 bottle can last up to 3 months

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Product Description

Great product for those who are:
  • Chemical intolerant or have sensitive skin
  • Environmentally aware or looking for an alternative for chemicals
  • Usually not at home or are not always available to provide maintenance to their hot tubs

Product Specifications

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