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X10 Water Filter for Hot Tubs

Spa pre-filter that attaches to your hose, eliminates impurities, and keeps your water clean

X10 Water Filter



The X10 Water Filter reduces and eliminates water impurities such as rust, organic debris, turbidity, and other heavy metals including mercury, aluminum and iron.

Advantages of using The X10 Water Filter:

  • It is made with the highest grade acid washed coconut shell carbon.
  • In comparison with other brands, it comes with up to twice as much bacteriostatic filter media (KDF®)
  • Specially built for hot tubs using 7 filter media
  • The X10 Filter is made with polypropylene and also UV resistant
  • Molded-in garden hose ends, provides durability and leak-free connections
  • When not used, store wet with protective end caps to allow the KDF media to stay active and prevent bacteria build-up.
  • The X10 Water Filter is guaranteed to filter a minimum of 10,000 US gallons (37,854 liters) of water.


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Product Description

The X10 Water Filter is specially designed for hot tubs, built with durable materials to guarantee high-grade performance. Instructions:
  1. Attach The X10 Water Filter to your garden hose.
  2. Let the water run through the filter for 30 seconds before filling your spa.
  3. Replace when the spa pre-filter is full and flow becomes restricted.

Product Specifications

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