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Swim Spas for Sale in Atlantic Beach

Let Custom Backyard Spaces help you discover the perfect infinity swim spa!

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Experience the Joy of Swim Spas

Swim spas are rapidly growing in popularity, and it’s no surprise why! Blending the ergonomic comfort and massage jets of a hot tub with the space and powerful jets needed for swimming, our spas are ideal for exercising, relaxing, and even entertaining!

Why Buy from Custom Backyard Spaces?


Browse our endless collection of swim spas, either online or at our showroom, and choose one you like!


Schedule a consultation with a swim spa pro who can evaluate your backyard and help you choose the best option.


You can place an order through our website or visit our showroom, then wait for delivery to show up right at your door!

Browse Our Collection of Swim Spas With Delivery to Atlantic Beach

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0% APR Financing Options

*These rates apply to all purchases of hot tubs, saunas, swim spas, and automatic covers exceeding $15,000*

1 Year 0% APR Financing

Enjoy 1 Year With No Interest Financing With a Deposit of $6,000 on Your Swim Spa Purchase

2 Year 0% APR Financing

Enjoy 2 Years With No Interest Financing With a Deposit of $8,000 on Swim Spa Purchase

3 Year 0% APR Financing

Enjoy 3 Years With No Interest Financing With a Deposit of $10,000 on Your Swim Spa Purchase

Frequently Asked Questions About Swim Spas

How Is a Swim Spa Different From a Hot Tub?

Swim spas do have the massaging jets and seating like a hot tub, but their larger size provides more opportunity for exercise and recreation. This is a great solution for people wanting a pool but have small yards or don’t want to wait months for a pool installation.


Swim spas can be equipped with special lifts to make them accessible for people with disabilities.

Yes! A swim spa’s temperature can be controlled to guarantee a comfortable experience no matter what the air temperature is so you can relax or swim almost any time of the year.

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If you want to transform your backyard, but you don’t want the hassle and expense of an inground pool, Custom Backyard Spaces can help. We can help you determine the right swim spa for your space and needs and get it to your door in just a few weeks – no mess, no stress, no hassle!

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