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Swim Spa

Why Get a Swim Spa?

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Swim Spas are great for both relaxation and exercise. The team at Custom Backyard Spaces is here to help find the perfect swim spa for you and your family’s needs. Don’t go through the hassle of construction that comes with getting a pool, get the perks with a swim spa in a matter of weeks.

Custom Backyard Spaces is proud to offer a wide selection of swim spas for whatever your wants and needs are. With ergonomic massage jets for relaxation and powerful swim jets for exercise, swim spas make the best of both worlds.

With free delivery to Cary, your swim spa purchase can be easier than you thought!

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0% APR Financing Options

*These rates apply to Swim Spa, Hot Tub, Automated Cover Lifter, and Sauna purchases exceeding $15,000*

1 Year 0% APR Financing

Enjoy 1 Year With No Interest Financing With a Deposit of $6,000 on Your Swim Spa Purchase

2 Year 0% APR Financing

Enjoy 2 Years With No Interest Financing With a Deposit of $8,000 on Your Swim Spa Purchase

3 Year 0% APR Financing

Enjoy 3 Years With No Interest Financing With a Deposit of $10,000 on Your Swim Spa Purchase

Frequently Asked Questions About Swim Spas

Why should I invest in a swim spa?

If you want a swimming pool in your backyard but don’t want it to take up too much space, a swim spa is your answer! More affordable and with quick installation, a swim spa will have you swimming in no time. Not to mention, swim spas come with a variety of features such as massage jets, comfortable seating, and LED lights.

Swim spas can be anywhere from 12 to 20 feet in length, about 8 feet in width and 4.5 feet deep making them perfect for even the smallest yard.

Due to the extreme weight of a filled swim spa, you can not put them on a deck. Swim spas need to be put on a concrete pad to support the weight. You can however build a deck around the swim spa for easier access.

Our Swim Spa Information

In Stock

We have swim spas in stock to ensure you do not have to wait long.

Free Delivery

We provide free delivery to Cary, NC and surrounding areas in the Triangle.


We provide a manufacturer's warranty with our swim spas.

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