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Swim Spas for Sale to Hillsborough, NC

Let Custom Backyard Spaces help you find the perfect swim spa for your family!

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Why Choose a Swim Spa?

A swim spa is the perfect balance between a hot tub and a swimming pool! With powerful swimming jets and a deep tub, you can easily swim, exercise, and even jog while ergonomic massage jets and comfortable seating allow you to relax and unwind. Plus, there’s plenty of space to relax and gather with friends and loved ones!

We offer free delivery to Hillsborough and the surrounding area, and installation is quick and easy, making this an excellent alternative to the expense and hassle of swimming pool installation.

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0% APR Financing Options

*Rates apply to all swim spa, hot tub, automated covers, and sauna purchases exceeding $15,000.

1 Year 0% APR Financing

Enjoy 1 Year With No Interest Financing With a Deposit of $6,000 on Your Swim Spa Purchase

2 Year 0% APR Financing

Enjoy 2 Years With No Interest Financing With a Deposit of $8,000 on Your Swim Spa Purchase

3 Year 0% APR Financing

Enjoy 3 Years With No Interest Financing With a Deposit of $10,000 on Your Swim Spa Purchase

See a Dramatic Difference in Your Quality of Life

If you’re ready to live your best life, a swim spa can help you make that happen. From improving your health and wellness through regular exercise and hydrotherapy to creating a soothing space to socialize and relax, the swimming pool alternative can impact every member of your family in a positive way.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Swim Spas

How is a Swim Spa Different than a Hot Tub?

While both have comfortable seating and massage jets for relaxation, swim spas are more versatile. The tub is larger and deeper, and there are powerful jets so you can also swim and exercise easily.

Swim spas are a great alternative to a swimming pool. A pool requires significant investment as well as plenty of space in your backyard, and then you have to deal with months of mess and hassle on your property as you wait for installation.

A swim spa is a much more convenient option as it’s less expensive, fits in a compact space, and installation is easy. Plus, your swim spa is large enough to swim or socialize and also has seating areas, massage jets, and even LED lighting to help you relax.

Swim spas are require less maintenance than both pools and hot tubs. The chemical levels tend to be more stable and the water doesn’t require changing as often. Though you still need to test regularly, overall care is very manageable.

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