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Swim Spas for Sale in Wilson, NC

Swim. Socialize. Relax. Rejuvenate. Find the perfect swim spa to suit your lifestyle!

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Choosing a Swim Spa in Wilson

At Custom Backyard Solutions, we don’t just sell swim spas… We give our customers the chance to enhance and elevate their lives!

Swim spas have all the benefits of a pool, allowing you to swim, socialize, and relax, without the stress, hassle, or mess of installing a pool. Massaging jets and comfortable seating offers restorative hydrotherapy, while powerful swim jets let you swim and work out from the comfort of your own back yard. Best of all, there’s room for the whole family or invite friends over to join the fun.

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0% APR Financing Options

*These rates apply to Swim Spa, Hot Tub, Automated Cover Lifter, and Sauna purchases exceeding $15,000*

1 Year 0% APR Financing

Enjoy 1 Year With No Interest Financing With a Deposit of $6,000 on Your Swim Spa Purchase

2 Year 0% APR Financing

Enjoy 2 Years With No Interest Financing With a Deposit of $8,000 on Your Swim Spa Purchase

3 Year 0% APR Financing

Enjoy 3 Years With No Interest Financing With a Deposit of $10,000 on Your Swim Spa Purchase

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Wilmington NC Swim Spa delivery


After you purchase your swim spa, we can deliver it straight to your home!

Swim Spa FAQs

Can I Use a Swim Spa in the Winter?

Yes, you can use it all year long. The temperature can be adjusted to your preference so you can relax and swim or exercise even on cold days.

Yes! While you do need to test the water regularly, it’s cooler temperature keeps the chemicals more stable than a hot tub, so they last longer. Also, the tub usually only has to be emptied once a year or so when total dissolved solids reach 2,500 parts per million.

A hot tub is more compact, designed for relaxing and rejuvenating, and is run at a higher temperature. A swim spa has a larger tub and two or three powerful jets that create a powerful current so you can swim and work out. It also has massage jets and seating for hydrotherapy purposes, but it’s more versatile and spacious.

Schedule a Consultation for a Swim Spa in Wilson

Custom Backyard Spaces can help you evaluate the right swim spa for your property and we offer free delivery in the area. Call us at  919-444-8500 or schedule a consultation below to get started.


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